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To whom it may concern,

I am writing to your charity with information about a very concerning practice that has been adopted by some parents of autistic children. The practice has been called “Parasite Protocol”, “Chlorine Dioxide/CD Protocol” and “Miracle Mineral Solution/MMS”.

Chlorine Dioxide is a chemical used for the treatment of water. In low concentrations, such as those achieved when following the directions on a water purification solution, it’s perfectly safe. At higher concentrations, it’s used as an industrial bleach to whiten wood pulp for use in paper and sanitary products.

MMS originated at the Genesis II church, a non-religious organisation founded in America by Jim Humble, who has claimed “Miracle Mineral Solution” to be a cure for AIDS, cancer, malaria, hepatitis, diabetes, TB, colds, flu, and lupus. It is claimed to boost the immune system and kill pathogens in the body.

It is now being promoted by Kerri Rivera, who claims it can be used to cure autism in her book “Healing the Symptoms Known as Autism”. Rivera claims a range of “causes” for autism, including vitamin deficiencies, and intestinal parasites that become more active around the full moon. She recommends the use of MMS or chlorine dioxide as drops in water given to the autistic person to drink, or diluted and given as an enema. She maintains a closed facebook page called CD Autism, where parents discuss using this protocol on their children.

The treatment comes in two parts. The CD solution, and an activator such as citric or hydrochloric acid. Effects of treatment can include fevers, vomiting, muscle and joint pain, diarrhea, fatigue, restlessness, cramps, headaches, insomnia, nausea, urinary tract discharges, frequent urination, decreased blood pressure, rashes, anxiety and mood swings. These effects are hailed by those using the treatments as evidence that the supposed parasites are dying off and releasing toxins.

The BBC has reported that, mixed as instructed, MMS produces  90% sodium chlorite and 10% chlorine dioxide.

“The laboratory claimed that if Dr Magee’s prescription was followed, within a week, Ms Murphy’s daughter would each day have been ingesting 433 times the acceptable daily limit for sodium chlorite set by the World Health Organisation.

Over three months, even with gaps of two weeks as prescribed, she would have ingested a daily average of 128 times the maximum level, it said.” – http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-northern-ireland-32747753

MMS has been covered by The One Show:

And in the newspapers:

The Food and Drug Administration in the USA has released multiple warnings about the product, and some US sellers have been prosecuted:

I would like to encourage all charities with a focus on autism to be aware of this substance, its dangers, and its use as a unproven cure for autism. I would also encourage raising awareness of MMS/CD in social services, so that social workers can be aware of what to look for.

Best Regards

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