Results are in!

I got my blood results back yesterday. I have blood!

Sadly, we’re no closer to figuring out what’s causing the symptoms. The results were negative for any kind of intolerance or allergy. My doctor’s assured me that this doesn’t mean I’m not allergic to things, just not in the ways that show up on blood tests. We’re now attempting to rule out Non Coeliac Gluten Sensitivity. 6 weeks of gluten exclusion diet, while keeping a food diary, and then analyse any patterns. Then back to the doctor to decide whether to refer me to a dietician to help me figure out what I should and shouldn’t be eating. Essentially, writing down everything I eat and everything I feel for a very long time until we can spot some sort of a pattern.

Doc also noticed I’ve lost a little weight, which she’s not concerned about. I suspect I’ve lost some muscle, since I was feeling so rotten that I stopped exercising.¬†Gluten free for a day and a half so far, and not feeling any better. Still very tired and very irritable, but I wasn’t expecting things to improve immediately.

Doc suggested it might be a recurrence of my ongoing depression problem, and suggested that we should look into that if I saw no improvement from the change in diet. I definitely want to exclude diet as a cause before I start thinking about antidepressants again. I get the low mood, tiredness and irritability might be depression, but I’ve had aches and pains, bad tummy feelings and a worsening of all my autistic symptoms, too.

Overall, I’m tired. It’s going to be a while before I start getting better, and it’s going to take a lot of trial and error to figure out what’s causing it all. Fingers crossed the gluten-free diet makes me better and we can settle it soon.

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