Merry Calendrical Overflow

We’re at the start of a new Gregorian calendar year. Most people take this time to promise themselves and others that they’ll do more things in the next 365 days. By next month, most will have given up.

I resolve to do less. Or rather, to do better at prioritising. I’m juggling a job, autism and all its accompanying challenges, the blog and social media stuff that I do, interpersonal relationships, a house, finances. Adulting is hard, and tiring, and the last thing I need when I’m already run down from my breakdown sometime last summer is to pile more on my plate. I therefore resolve to do less.

Everything nonessential is going on hold (don’t worry, the blog’s essential, but I may be posting on and off as I prioritise my spoon reserves). Things can be discarded, projects can be put on hold indefinitely. Sounds like an easy resolution, right? Ha ha. Nope. Delegating and letting things slip will let out those headweasels we’re all familiar with, the ones that make a nest up in your noggin and whisper mean things about you. Lazy, selfish, fake, not deserving of self-care and self preservation. My resolution is essentially to ignore the headweasels and spend this year on me.

If you haven’t made resolutions yet, I encourage you to share mine. Take it as easy as you can, focus on self-care, self love and protecting your precious spoons.

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