Elementary Executive Skills Questionnaire

Elementary Executive Skills questionnaire from “Smart but Scattered” by Peg Dawson and Richard Guare. I’ve modified the wording of some of the statements a little.

For each statement, score how well you think it applies to you using the following scale.

  • Strongly Agree = 5
  • Agree = 4
  • Neutral = 3
  • Disagree = 2
  • Strongly Disagree = 1
  1. I can follow simple classroom rules.
  2. I can be in close proximity to another person without need for physical contact.
  3. I can wait until my friend/parent gets off the phone before telling them something, I may need one reminder.
    [Total scores 1 to 3 to get your Elementary Response Inhibition score]
  4. I can run an errand with 2 to 3 steps.
  5. I remember instructions given a couple of minutes earlier.
  6. I can follow two steps of a routine with one prompt.
    [Total scores 4 to 6 to get your Elementary Working Memory score]
  7. I can tolerate criticism from an adult.
  8. I can deal with percieved “unfairness” without undue upset. (what? how much upset is undue upset if something’s unfair?)
  9. I can adjust my behaviour quickly in a new situation, for example calming down after play time.
    [Total scores 7 to 9 to get your Elementary Emotional Control score]
  10. I can spend 20 to 30 minutes on a homework assignment.
  11. I can complete a chore that takes 15 to 20 minutes.
  12. I can sit through a meal of normal duration.
    [Total scores 10 to 12 to get your Elementary Sustained Attention score]
  13. I can remember and follow simple one- or two-step routines, such as brushing teeth or combing hair after breakfast.
  14. I can get right to work on a classroom assignment after the teacher instructs me to begin.
  15. I can start homework at an established time, with one reminder.
    [Total scores 13 to 15 to get your Elementary Task Initiation score]
  16. I can carry out a two- to three-step project of my own design, for example a craft project.
  17. I can figure out how to earn or save money for an inexpensive toy.
  18. I can carry out two- to three-step homework with support, for example a book report.
    [Total scores 16 to 18 to get your Elementary Planning/Prioritisation score]
  19. I put my coat, winter gear or sports equipment in their proper locations, but I may need a reminder.
  20. I have specific places in my bedroom for my belongings.
  21. I don’t lose permission slips or notices sent home from school.
    [Total scores 19 to 21 to get your Elementary Organisation score]
  22. I can complete a short task within time limits set by an adult.
  23. I can build in an appropriate amount of time to complete a chore by a deadline, but I may need some assistance.
  24. I can complete a morning routine within time limits, but I may need some practice.
    [Total scores 22 to 24 to get your Elementary Time Management score]
  25. I will stick with a challenging task to achieve a desired goal, for example building a difficult LEGO construct.
  26. I will come back to a task later if interrupted.
  27. I will work on a desired project for several hours over several days.
    [Total scores 25 to 27 to get your Elementary Goal-Directed Persistence score]
  28. I play well with others, I can share and need to be in charge.
  29. I tolerate redirection when I’m not following instructions, for example by a teacher.
  30. I adjust easily to unplanned situations, for example a substitute teacher.
    [Total scores 28 to 30 to get your Elementary Flexibility score]
  31. I can adjust my behaviour in response to feedback, for example from a parent or teacher.
  32. I can watch what happens to others and change my behaviour accordingly.
  33. I can verbalize more than one solution to a problem and make the best choice.
    [Total scores 30 to 33 to get your Elementary Metacognition score]

Now make a note of the areas you scored highest and lowest in to discover your strengths and weaknesses. Read explanations of the executive skills.

This is part of the Executive Skills – Smart but Scattered collection of blog posts.

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