Ear Defenders – Broken!

I was wandering about the shopping centre today when I decided I’d had enough of the noise, but as I pulled my ear defenders on, the plastic headband snapped right in the middle. I guess they were just a bit too small for me (being designed for children), and the repeated stress finally caused the headband to break near the middle. Luckily I was only a short distance from a Clas Ohlson where I knew they sold a couple of different types of ear defenders.

The new pair is the Peltor Optime II in an olive colour. They work to much the same quality as my previous pair, but have a headband made of two metal wires padded with pleather instead. I hope that these will be more hardwearing. They still fit mostly over the ear, though have a slightly shallower cup. Hopefully this won’t interfere with modifying them to take a bluetooth headset speaker.

I’ve found a set of paints that promise to stick to most plastics, so I’m now thinking about designs for the customisations.

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