Ear Defenders – An Update

I’ve been working from home for the last couple of days, and luckily, the neighbours haven’t been an issue until today. I thought I’d give the ear defenders a try to see if they were any good against the muffled music from next door. Luckily, they’re perfect for that. It’s good for muffled drum’n’bass, but I can still hear the little knocks and bumps and higher pitched noises like that.

They’re still a little uncomfortable to wear. Absolute silence is a little unnerving, the pressure around my head, especially on my jaw, isn’t particularly nice, but it’s survivable.

One thing I’d really like to be able to do, following a suggestion from a friend, is be able to play white noise, some other neutral sound, or music while I’m trying to block out other sounds. This might well compensate for the frequencies that the ear defenders don’t cut out.

Google to the rescue! I found this tutorial on how to take apart a pair of bluetooth headphones and insert them into a pair of ear defenders. If I did this, I could pair the headphones with my laptop, phone etc, and enjoy lovely wireless noise of my choosing.

I’m also a little tempted to seek bluetooth headphones with a microphone, so I can do hands-free calls without compromising my sensory protection. Nearby voices seem to go through the hearing protection without too much problem, so hearing myself to talk won’t be too much of an issue.

I still haven’t got round to painting my ear defenders, I think my next ear defenders update might be designs of what I want to paint onto them

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