Alternate Spectrum – Icons and Refined Categories

I’m considering the possibility of using icons to represent the Spectrum categories. I intend each category to have two or three similar icons indicating the extent and direction of the score. While I was considering appropriate icons, I decided that Filtering and Processing should be separate categories. The new categories and a description of their icons will be as follows:

  • Emotional Sensitivity
    • Emotional – A broken heart
    • Stoic – A heart reinforced with an additional outline
    • Intermediate – A whole heart with no reinforcement
  • Emotional Perception
    • Empathetic – Two merged through bubbles containing a heart.
    • Misunderstanding – Two separate thought bubbles containing question marks.
    • Intermediate – ???
  • Physical Sensitivity
    • Sensitive – Hand with three bolts
    • Impassive – Hand shielded from bolts
    • Intermediate – Increasing and decreasing numbers of bolts.
  • Physical Conditions
    • Perceptive – Body silhouette with a brain in the head, pathways lead from the brain to the limbs
    • Imperceptive – Body silhouette with a brain in the head but no pathways.
    • Intermediate – ???
  • Motor Skills
    • Static – Stick person in a seated position
    • Dynamic – Stick person in a jumping jack position.
    • Intermediate – ???
  • Ability
    • Able – The new active wheelchair user symbol
    • Disabled – The old static wheelchair user symbol with a padlock over the wheel
    • Intermediate – ???
    • Note – I chose these symbols to reflect that the intended users of the app will all technically have a disability, but will differently interpret the extent to which they are disabled. I’m working under the social model of disability, so the icon should reflect the difference between having an impairment and being disabled.
  • Activity Style (renamed from Neurological Conditions)
    • Impulsive – Janus face, looking in two directions at once
    • Compulsive – A clock face.
  • Communication
    • Articulate – Speech bubbles
    • Expressive – Smiling and frowning emoticons
  • Filtering
    • Selective – Two arrows, one permeates a dotted line, the other doesn’t.
    • Indiscriminate – Two arrows, both permeate a dotted line.
  • Processing
    • Perceptive – Light bulbs
    • Perplexed – Question Marks

As always, I welcome suggestions and constructive criticisms.

Edit: credits: Shelley Kimbrough for suggesting the Janus face.

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