Adult Executive Skills Questionnaire

Adult Executive Skills questionnaire from “Smart but Scattered” by Peg Dawson and Richard Guare. I’ve modified the wording of some of the statements a little.

For each statement, score how well you think it applies to you using the following scale.

  • Strongly Agree = 5
  • Agree = 4
  • Neutral = 3
  • Disagree = 2
  • Strongly Disagree = 1
  1. I don’t jump to conclusions
  2. I think before I speak
  3. I don’t take action without having all the facts.
    [Total scores 1 to 3 to get your Response Inhibition score]
  4. I have a good memory for facts, dates and details.
  5. I am very good at remembering the things I have committed to do.
  6. I seldom need reminders to complete tasks.
    [Total scores 4 to 6 to get your Working Memory score]
  7. My emotions seldom get in the way when performing tasks.
  8. Little things do not affect me emotionally or distract me from the task at hand.
  9. I can defer my personal feelings until after a task has been completed.
    [Total scores 7 to 9 to get your Emotional Control score]
  10. No matter what the task, I believe in getting started as soon as possible.
  11. Procrastination is usually not a problem for me.
  12. I seldom leave tasks to the last minute.
    [Total scores 10 to 12 to get your Task Initiation score]
  13. I find it easy to stay focused on my work.
  14. Once I start an assignment, I work diligently until it’s completed.
  15. Even when interrupted, I find it easy to get back and complete the job at hand.
    [Total scores 13 to 15 to get your Sustained Attention score]
  16. When I plan out my day, I identify priorities and stick to them.
  17. When I have a lot to do, I can easily focus on the most important things.
  18. I typically break big tasks down into subtasks and timelines,
    [Total scores 16 to 18 to get your Planning/Prioritisation score]
  19. I am an organised person.
  20. It is natural for me to keep my work area neat and organised.
  21. I am good at maintaining systems to organise my work.
    [Total scores 19 to 21 to get your Organisation score]
  22. At the end of the day, I’ve usually finished what I set out to do.
  23. I am good at estimating how long it takes to do something.
  24. I am usually on time for appointments and activities.
    [Total scores 22 to 24 to get your Time Management score]
  25. I think of myself as being driven to meet my goals.
  26. I easily give up immediate pleasures to work on long-term goals.
  27. I believe in setting and achieving high levels of performance.
    [Total scores 25 to 27 to get your Goal-Directed Persistence score]
  28. I routinely evaluate my performance and devise methods for personal improvement.
  29. I am able to “step back” from a situation to make objective decisions.
  30. I “read” situations well and can adjust my behaviour based on the reactions of others.
    [Total scores 28 to 30 to get your Metacognition score]
  31. I take unexpected events in stride.
  32. I easily adjust to changes in plans and priorities.
  33. I consider myself flexible and adaptive to change.
    [Total scores 31 to 33 to get your Flexibility score]

Now make a note of the areas you scored highest and lowest in to discover your strengths and weaknesses. Read explanations of the executive skills.

This is part of the Executive Skills – Smart but Scattered collection of blog posts.

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