2015 Review

I started this blog in February 2014 after stumbling onto Kassiane Sibley‘s blog Radical Neurodivergence Speaking. Credit for kicking my butt into making this blog goes to her work and the work of Autistic Hoya in exposing the horrific treatment autistic people receive at the JRC (CW: descriptions of abuse).

It was Kassiane’s beautiful, angry tone that gave me the confidence to start putting my experiences and opinions out here. She takes no shit, she doesn’t mince her words or sugarcoat. She’s also the originator of the terms “Neurodivergent” and “Neurodivergence”, which are wonderful non-judgemental terms to describe brains that diverge from the norm.

I’ve published 53 posts here since then, and even managed to prod my partner into writing a bit.

I’ve been involved in the #toys4all twitter storm, I’ve attended #autchat, I’ve read countless articles about autism. I’ve expanded my reading list to the point that I could find enough reading, writing and activism to fill a full time job. It’s been a busy and tiring year.

I’ve also had some personal stuff to deal with. Dietary fun, a major depressive episode, referral to a gender identity clinic and the unexpected arrival of a small child to entertain for one afternoon a week. In a word, I’m tired.

I figure the best way to get my energy and my drive back for this year is to have a look at the last year’s stats. Comforting numerical indications that I am writing stuff that people want to read.

Twitter followers: 365 (yay, I must tweet occasionally useful stuff!)

My most viewed posts this year:

My most liked posts this year:

It looks like you folks like it when I write angry. Good job I have plenty of that (I keep it in antique bottles on the shelf above my desk. It’s purple, viscous and has occasional lumps in).

What search terms are you guys using to find me? (I’ve grouped these together for brevity.) Here we go…

  • i stand quietly (and variants thereof) (7)
  • autism quotient (5)
  • ear defenders (3)
  • high functioning and low functioning (3)
  • gluten (2)
  • what is head weasels larp (1)
  • autism dna neurodivergent (1)
  • howautisticfeels wordpress (1)
  • 10 perks kids with autism get from (1)
  • what do you know about vocalisations (1)
  • not being able to block out sensory information (1)
  • mother never said i love you (1)

So I guess a surprising number of folks are looking for my reactions to AQ tests, and discussion of the language used around autism. It looks like the folks who are familiar with my blog prefer my angry rants, whereas people who are unfamiliar with my blog use search terms looking for information. I’d even go so far as to guess that my regular readership is autistic, whereas the population finding me through search terms is non-autistic.

That’s an interesting thought, and one I’ll certainly consider when I’m planning new posts. As always, if there’s anything you want me to have a crack at writing about, drop me a communication on social media, in the comments section or via email and I’ll see what I can come up with.

Peace and love to all of you.

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